Jacob Cohen

The brand is a genuine Italian company, created in the region of Veneto, in Italy by Tato Bardelle and uses some of the highest quality Kurabo denim, sourced from Japan.

One thing that actually sets Jacob Cohen apart from other brands is the fact that they have an environmentally friendly production process, something they take very seriously during the making of their jeans. This also includes not using any chemicals during the dying and washing process of the jeans. How cool is that? Instead, the company washes the jeans with Greek pumice stone to make sure they will hold up well and last a long time.

Like a lot of premium denim brands that have unique washing processes, like with the Greek pumice stone, you wont find two pairs of Jacob Cohen Jeans identical to one another. This means that every pair of their jeans is completely unique, giving you that edge above everyone else


FALL – WINTER 2015/2016